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restaurant structure
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restaurant structure


The building design should be such that as well as showing a modern architecture, it should also blend with nature so as to have a very inviting appearance.


The exterior design of the building is a triangular shape building with a glass that reflects sun rays. This fabulous building contains three floors. In the future, if the restaurant needed some additional floors, additional ones will be added. The under ground floor will be the parking area, where hundreds of cars can be placed over there. This massive number makes the customers have a relief from worrying where to park their cars. The parking is built inside the building to keep the building sight pleasant. The first floor is going to be the kitchen with full equipment for preparing the high standard and healthy food. The second floor is the restaurant. Every corner is designed in unique special way which indicates every culture that is part of that restaurant. The restaurant is surrounded with an aquarium, which subjoins the restaurant with an astonishing sight. Walls painted with different hues of wonderful sea colors. Many Chairs and tables will be included frequently so that it will enable the restaurant to obtain more customers and to avoid packing people. It is very necessary to have a satisfaction from the customers, in order to make sure that the decorations are good. The aim for this decoration is to make the customer feel comfortable so that he can eat as mush as he can specially when there is a quite place. In one of the corners a musician is going to play and sing soft songs in order to soften the atmosphere of the restaurant. The restaurant will be able to welcome 200 people.


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